Australian Work Visa

Australia Work Visa Guide & Assessment:

Australian government offers work visa to three kinds of professionals. The nature of the work visa is dependent on the kind of work that you do. Apart from your field of expertise the visa is also dependent on your experience. The visa may be temporary work or short stay visa and long stay visa.
If you are applying for work visa based on a personal business venture, then there are three possible scenarios for applying for a visa. Either you may want to make a business or any other investment in Australia; you may want to take up a short business trip; or you may want to visit to manage your current established investment and business.
The skilled work visa is issued when you qualify under a specific set of skills needed for working. Usually such a visa is issued when you are offered a job by an Australian employer.

The Australian government may also be in need of these specific skills. In this case the Australian Government invites you to apply for the visa or nominates you for Visa. The visa requires a sponsor, which is usually the private employer or the Australian government. The Skilled Work Visa is perhaps the most common type of visa applied for.
The temporary or entertainment visa can be applied for, when your visit is marked by your participation in some social or cultural event. The event may also be of a professional nature. The visa will usually require the invitation of the Australian Organization, which is responsible for holding the event.

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