Canada Work Visa

Canada Work Visa Guide & Assessment


There are two conditions for working in Canada. Some job categories may require a work permit. Some temporary jobs on the other hand do not require the candidate to acquire a work permit.
Persons working in designations of Military personnel, media crew, emergency service providers, event organizers, clergymen, crew members, foreign government officers, health care students, artists, students working off and on campus and public speakers.
The following categories required to possess for working permit to work in Canada.  Students while they are still studying need a work permit to work, live-in caregivers, people working their own business, immigrating permanent workers, IEC – International Experience Canada applicants, and Foreign workers.

An online application for work permit can be submitted if you have an easy access to a scanner for making electronic copies of the required documents. A camera can also serve the same purpose. For payment you will need a valid credit card. An online application is the only valid option for submitting a work visa application for IEC candidates.
Other work visa applicants may submit their visa applications on paper. For submitting a paper application specific documents need to be acquired from the employer, including a positive LMIA for your employer. The employer should also send you your job offer. Academic qualification and work experience documents should also be included. The application package is acquired and is filled out accordingly.
In order to attain a work permit in Canada, the candidate is required to have a valid passport as well as visitor visa. The visitor visa is also known as a temporary resident visa. The TRV is not something for which the candidate needs to apply for, rather the TRV is issued on its own by the government when the work permit documents are issued. Citizenship of USA, Greenland and Saint Pierre and Miquelon, declares a candidate exempt from the need of a TRV or a passport for working in Canada. But proof of citizenship will be required. The visa fee can be paid in local currency and is dependent upon the kind of work permit which is being applied for. The visa fee is non-refundable in any case.

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