Denmark Visitor Visa

Denmark Visitor Visa Guide & Assessment:

Denmark issues visit visa to meet up with friends, family, relatives and as a tourist. If you fall under the asylum group, immigration group or the tourist group, then you will be in need of a visa to enter Denmark.  
Usually the visit visa is commonly issued by the Danish embassy. If, however, your case becomes suspicious with the intent of over stay, asylum or permanent residence, then the visa application will be referred to the Immigration Services, or the application may be rejected.
Specific instances like attending a funeral, visiting a relation on death bed or having been granted a visa on a previous occasion, can surely have an impact on your case.

The asylum group comprises of 16 countries. Citizens of these countries receive visa when they apply as a partner or spouse, a dependent child or a parent of a Danish resident.
Citizens have a certain relation to the visited person (27 countries), and not having any specific relation (19 countries), comprise of the two subcategories of the immigration group. Any suspected intention towards a prolonged stay or posing a security threat can lead to the application being rejected.  
The tourist group of countries is which who do not require either a direct relation or even a visa to enter Denmark. Travel agency arrangements are in place for countries of Russia, Ukraine, China and India facilitate their citizens to visit as tourists.
If you have a biometric passport and belong to the countries of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia, then you are not required to possess a visa to enter Denmark.

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