New Zealand Work Visa

New Zealand Work Visa Guide & Assessment:

Work visa for New Zealand can be attained on either temporary or permanent basis. If you wish to attain a permanent work visa for New Zealand then you will need to fall into one of the three categories.
You may apply for a work to residence visa in New Zealand. You need to be qualified in areas which are in demand in New Zealand or have to be extremely talented in some form of sport. Already having secured a job offer from an employer in Denmark, who is accredited, can also allow you to gain a work to residence permit.
If you are already working in New Zealand on a Work to Residence Visa, then you can apply for residence and permanent work visa. You can be entitled to visa as a skilled migrant. These are qualified, skillful and educated professionals, who are in demand in New Zealand.

Working temporarily is another condition which can attain you a work permit. First of all you will need to establish if you qualify for applying for a work permit. You must be healthy, valid passport, possess the adequate visit visa, and actually intend to work in New Zealand.
If you fall under the category of Skill shortage and have essential skills required for the job then you can get a temporary work visa. Other conditions making you eligible for a temporary work visa in New Zealand are; visit marked by a specific purpose, intent to attain work experience, work in partnership to a citizen, work after study, and a specific job offer from a local employer.
After attaining the visa, you will be able to live and work in New Zealand, for the specific time period, for which the visa has been granted.  
There is also a working holiday visa, which is intended for people from ages of 18 to 30 years. The visa may be granted for 12 months. If you belong to the United Kingdom then you may be awarded a 23 month visa.

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