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Every year,  thousands of Pakistani students apply for student visa to get higher education in abroad countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, UK etc. Most of the students don’t know that, wether they qualify for a student visa or not. For this purpose they visit study abroad consultants or search information from the  internet, but sometimes they cannot get accurate information in the right direction to prepare their case.
We have designed for online visa assessment. The points are  calculated  according to the criteria of the desired country, where you wish to go for studies. Online visa assessment is the great source to judge the eligibility for a student visa.
We have tried our best to make our assessment accurate, but criteria of the points, sometimes changes, this is only the idea of points, that you may get. We do not guarantee that our assessment will give you 100 % accurate result.If you want to submit your student visa application according to the points system, you must review the latest policy of the desired country.